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sprucetop leads strategy in developing complex projects, designs to enhance brand and product experiences, and engineers systems that enable businesses to go further.


Project Planning

To ensure smooth development and successful outcomes, we guide business and product teams through concept development, technology selection, implementation strategy, effort evaluation, and short- and long-term roadmapping.

Problem Domain Analysis

We offer first-principles analysis of problem domains —and exploration of technology solutions— for companies that need help untangling complexities in the process of developing ambitious visions.

Machine Learning Applications

We help executives and engineering teams understand the inner workings of machine learning and potential applications to business goals.

Product Development

To help clients offer the most effective and successful products, we work with business and product teams to develop concepts for new products and enhance the value offering of existing features and products.


Graphic Design

We offer visual design for simple websites, feature-driven web and mobile applications, branding and marketing, print materials, motion graphics and video production, investor pitch decks, and environmental signage.

Experience Design

To create successful products that are intuitive, powerful, and offer real value to users, we offer user experience design for mobile and web applications, wireframe creation, experience evaluation, interaction design, use case and user persona documentation, and intelligent personalization.

Brand Design

To help clients find the right style to represent their business or product or campaign, we offer design services for creating strong brands, including logo design, typography selection, color paletting, and development of style guides to reinforce brand consistency across organizations.


Application Development

We offer full-stack development of applications for web, mobile, and desktopcreating rapid-prototypes of new concepts and production-ready applications. We build lightweight, easily maintained, modular applications and supporting APIs — including serverless architectures.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We help clients gain advantage through integration of learning algorithms for numerical predication, classification, clustering, natural language processing, image recognition. We assist in configuring developing environments, designing and building models, implementing cloud learning, and with data acquisition and pre-processing.

Data Science and Engineering

To support the rapidly-increasingly need to make decisions on clear interpretations of data, we offer a range of services in data science and engineering, including development of data models to represent complex real-world structures, development of relational and graph databases, query writing for knowledge discovery, building of real-time dashboards, data due diligence for investment, and configuration of cloud services for big data storage and analysis.

Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure

To help clients quickly build out the systems needed to power applications and store and analyze massive amounts of data, we offer services in setup and configuration of cloud infrastructures.

Security in Data & Infrastructure

To help clients keep systems and information private and secure, we advise and implement best practices in secure data transfer, encryption, secure infrastructure configuration, intrusion detection, virus and malware prevention, secure coding practices, information handling procedures, HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, COPPA compliance. For advanced security needs, we offer implementation of machine learning techniques for fraud detection, intrusion detection, and network analysis.

Chaos Engineering

To help companies test system redundancy and integrity and security, we build things that break things.

Special Projects

Research & Development

We help companies explore new products and ways of using technology, lead innovation through problem analysis and experimentation, and assist in projects that leverage cutting-edge tools.

Smart Buildings

We work with architects and contractors to select and integrate advanced technologies into building systems — and develop custom solutions where needed.

Smart Cities

We work with governments and smart city initiatives to build secure data infrastructure, data-driven applications for better administration and civic engagement, intelligent self-optimizing systems and real-world sensor networks.


We work with clients to integrate intelligence into robotics, design learning models for sensor arrays, and build custom prototypes.

Seeking Collaborators

We're interested in working remotely with the best creative and technical talent to produce uniquely beautiful results for our clients.

C#.NET Full Stack Developer

You've been coding C# on the .NET platform for years, have seen it evolve by version, and kept yourself informed on new and better ways to achieve the same functionality. You're fluent in .NET Core, create easily maintained MVC web applications, and are experienced integrating standard data and interface frameworks. You're equally fluent in Javascript, Typescript, JQuery, CSS and can connect your interface elements asyncronously to your .NET API. Ideally, you have a working knowledge of data science techniques and machine learning, with experience implementing neural networks in code using Accord or other tools.

Visual Designer

You're a master artist in expressing brands and information, embrace simplicity, agonize over typographic selection and placement, and have an understanding of the restrictions involved in design for the mediums of web and print. You have a strong understanding and intuition for good user experiences in digital products, but prefer to focus on the aesthetics. Your portfolio shows a unique personal style while showcasing your clients' message in an inspired way.

User Experience (UX) Designer

You design clear experiences for users and deliver flawlessly-annotated wireframes to guide visual design and engineering. You understand your sacred role as an advocate for the user in the product development cycle. You have a deep understanding of responsiveness in web and mobile design, ideal interactions for device and situation, and an ability to keep interactions strictly consistent across a product.

Interface Coder

Seeking master coder in front-end interface technologies and frameworks. You're quick to setup Bootstrap grids, have an advanced understanding of stylesheet use, embrace simplicity in your structuring and styling classes, have deep fluency in Javascript and use of JQuery.

Content Developer

You have experience writing for large and small brands and organizations, expressing the value of features in applications, have created content for websites and ideally for mobile apps as well. You are familiar with free and paid stock photo sites and have experience drawing on them to illustrate writing on a topic.

Cloud Architect

You love nothing more than creating elegant infrastructures, cultivate a healthy level of paranoia in building secure systems, and are able to stand up new services in a matter of hours. You are familiar with offerings from Amazon, Google, Azure, and others.

Data Scientist

You live and breathe data, have an extensive knowledge of statistical analysis techniques, a passion for visualization and digestible expression of complex datasets, familiarity with sources of open and public data, ability to quickly preprocess data for analysis, and a solid understanding of machine learning.

AI-ML Engineer

You've been applying machine learning techniques for years with increasing sophistication to increasingly difficult problems and amounts of data. In addition to traditional data analysis, you are fluent in regression, classification, clustering, reinforcement learning, and a variety of neural network types. You're familiar with tools and frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, scikit -- and are setup to implement training using a GPU. Ideally, you're familiar with cloud offerings and data flows necessary to implement learning as a service.

Project Manager

You have experience managing design and engineering teams to stay focused, organized, and on-time — delivering flawless bug-free products. You're fluent in the languages of business, product, visual and experience design, code, and data science. You communicate progress, know when to ilicit more feedback for decisions, and when a delay has become a blockage. You've worked within the agile methodology, scrum with the best of them, and have lead many sprint planning and retrospectives.

Business Developer

You have experience working on business and product teams that create interactive experiences; and are interested in finding and developing new projects.
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